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An important message to all customers past, present and (hopefully) future.

Update 07/04/2020

The implementation of the appropriate safety precautions for our staff has made it possible for us to reinstate order acceptance. This decision will be under constant review. We will try to ship as normal from today, supporting our same day shipping promise on eligible items. There are delays in the postal system. Most especially on international deliveries. We would like to thank all our customers for their patience and hope that a little luxury might be welcome in your lives at the moment. Keep well and keep safe.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points - No longer offered.

We terminated the Loyalty Points scheme on 14th March 2019.

Customers with existing points that are valid within the terms set out below can still spend their points but no new points will be allocated from this date.

Customer's who have banked loyalty points that are under twelve months old but below the £3.00 spend threshold will be contacted over the next few weeks with a discount voucher to compensate them for their lost points.


Details of previous scheme can be seen below for reference only.


1. For each £1.00 you spend 1 loyalty point will be awarded (excluding any carriage charges).  Each point is worth 3p. When the balance in your account has reached £3.00 value or above you can use the value of the points to pay for or reduce the cost of your next purchase.

2. No cash alternative is available.

3. Returns/refunds will result in a debit to your points balance.

4. Points are valid for 12 months.

Important note.

Please note that loyalty points are not awarded to orders that are placed using the "guest check out" facility in the cart. This is because a guest does not have an account and so there is no way to record the points.