Diki Lingerie - Silk Designer Lingerie Made to Measure for You

Diki Lingerie - Designer Silk LingerieDiki Lingerie is no longer available since designer Diane Rubach decided to retire. We do have a limited number of styles available from stock.

Diki Lingerie was a UK designer label. Established  by Diane Rubach and her husband Keith.

The styles included silk chemises and long nightdresses, teddies, camisoles, basques and bra sets. Diane's designs were a beautiful mix of fine silk and lace and she used vibrant jewel like colours as well as pretty pastel shades.

Below are brief descriptions of all the designs that were current in 2019 but don't forget we only have in stock, the styles listed above.

  • Alicia - an extensive collection that includes both lingerie and nightwear and is available in a choice of two colours, a deep purple colour called Orchid and a sparkling fuchsia pink. Both colours are matched with coordinating fuchsia and orchid embroidered Swiss lace. Unfortunately we do not have an image of the fuchsia pink version but if you want to see the shade of pink you can as it is the colour used in the Caprice design.
  • Caprice, is a mini collection which includes a bra set, a camisole and French knickers plus a chemise - each garment has an inset of embroidered lace and the embroidery is in a flower design than uses a mix of pinks and reds.
  • Carmen is a design that illustrates perfectly, Diane Rubach's use of vibrant colours and dramatic contrast. Created with a brilliant red silk, each garment in the collection has black lace detail which is embroidered in a design of tiny flowers that uses several different shades of red.
  • Caroline is another large collection. It offers a choice of nightwear plus bra sets which are all created in warm coral pink.
  • Celine is a one garment collection and is uniquely glamorous. Available in ivory silk it has lace insets at the bust and the hem and is cut in a loose A line style for maximum comfort.
  • Charlotte is a long term favourite in the Diki collections and is the good choice for the bride looking for something new and blue. Created with pastel silk, you have the choice of ice blue or ivory. In either colour option the lace detail is ivory with floral embroidery that uses both shades of blue and ivory for the blossom.
  • Christelle is one of the more recent collections and was released as part of the celebration to mark 25 years of creating designer lingerie. It is a fuchsia pink collection with exquisite embroidery on black lace. You can choose a bra set, chemise, teddy or jacket as well as a camisole set or a babydoll from this large collection.
  • Corall is an established and popular design. Only nightwear, including a full length silk nightdress, is available in this mini collection.
  • Francesca is a design that combines the subtle sophistication of ivory silk with the warmth of strawberry pink embroidered lace. It is another large collection offering plenty of choice and includes a full length nightdress.
  • Giselle is another design that will appeal to those who prefer pastel colours. It is created from the very palest shell pink and uses cotrast in the dark chocolate lace.
  • Jasmine is one of the largest of the Diki designer lingerie collections and includes nightwear, two styles of basque, a bra set as well as various jackets and a glamorous chiffon robe. The jasmine garments combine pale lemon silk with white lace embroidered in a floral design of lemon and white.
  • Isabella is a design that is offered in cool silver silk with contrasting black lace or deep ruby red with matching lace.
  • Leila is a best selling design which offers a bra set, camisole and French knickers, a basque as well as a chemise, full length nightdress and a matching robe. All are made with a very dark purple silk and inset with a lace that combines both contrasting as well as coordinating threads.
  • Lily is a mini collection which offers a small range os silk nightwear and a soft silk basque in a pale lavender with white lace trim.
  • Katrina is a long established style that offers a teddy, a chemise and a camisole set.
  • Kristen is an all red design and offers a choice of bra set, basque, chemise, long nightdress and a matching mid length robe.
  • Mia is a nightwear collection offering a pyjama set, chemise and Chinese satin jacket. The lace on this style is black which contracts beautifully with the two vibrant colours that are offered, aqua and fuchsia.
  • Paris is made with silver silk and contrasting black lace that has silver embroidery. This small collection offers nightwear including a long nightdress as well as a very beautiful basque, and an equally lovely bra set.
  • Sasha offers the magical combination of black and red which are said to be the two favourite lingerie colours. The Sasha design uses black silk with red embroidered appliqué for contrast. The collection includes lingerie as well as nightwear and a beautiful black chiffon robe.
  • Sienna is offered in ice pink and ice blue silk. Both colour options are trimmed with white lace. The collection includes an all lace chemise or babydoll with an unusual hem line.
  • Soroya is a nightwear only collection in ivory and ice blue. Not quite so obviously flambouyant as some of the other designs, Diki Soroya has a timeless elegance which will certainly appeal to the older woman.
  • Sylvie is perhaps the most suited to bridal and honeymoon wear. Made with ivory silk and lace, that haps tiny gold detailing, the Sylvie collection includes some very alluring designs ideal for the luxury honeymoon boudoir. These include an all lace teddy and an all lace camisole top and French knicker.
  • Veronique is the last in our alphabetical list of Diki Lingerie designs and is another that was released to celebrate Diane's 25 years of designing beautiful lingerie. Veronique is made with deep raspberry red silk and richly embellished with embroidered lace.

In addition to the designs listed above Diane Rubach offers a number of one off styles including g strings and some luxury garters.