Jane Woolrich Couture - Luxury Nightwear and Lingerie in Silk and Satin

Jane Woolrich is a long-established UK designer of luxury silk nightwear and lingerie for women. We are proud to offer Jane's designs which are the very essence of romance. All the beautiful garments offered here are made especially for you. Hand-cut and stitched. For many styles, you can choose the fabric (silk or top-quality polyester satin), the colour of the material and even the colour of the lace. So you create a luxury nightdress or silk lingerie set that is yours alone. Our bespoke service helps you through the selection and order process.

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Buying Jane Woolrich Design Garments

It can be a challenge when you are confronted with a lot of beautiful garments and you are not entirely sure which style would suit you or which might match another. That is why we are always happy to help with any questions you might have both before and during the order process. Just send us a contact message if you need help.

Understanding the Design Numbers

As you work your way through the wealth of beautiful Jane Woolrich designs you will notice that they all have a numerical code, for instance 8273. Making a note of the first two numbers is really helpful if you are planning on buying a matching set because those first two numbers relate to the lace type. So you see a nightdress beginning 82 then to find its matching negligee or robe you just enter 82 in the search bar and it will show other Jane Woolrich garments that use the same lace. Very often we will show you the recommended matching garment on the initial product page but you may prefer to browse for something else that will match.

Buying a Jane Woolrich Matching Set in Silk

Each batch of silk may take the dye slightly differently because silk is an organic fibre. For this reason we strongly recommend that you always buy matching silk garments in one order. This is not a problem with polyester satin where the colour is consistant fabric batch after fabric batch.

Silk or Satin Colour Options

As mentioned above silk colours can vary between different dye batches and representing both silk and polyester colours online is difficult because of the different things that can alter the colour.  Your browser or screen settings, even the make of your device can alter the colour you see, so it is not possible to guarantee the accuracy of the colours described in the guides. For this reason the colour swatches on the site are only for guidance only and should not be considered exact representations of the colours. If the exact colour is important to you then please ask for a sample when you place your order. We will send a small snippet of fabric to you so you can check it for real and we will hold off processing the order until you confirm you are happy.

We have two sets of colour charts which can now be accessed on the product pages. One set of colours is for real silk only and is an extensive range with subtle pastel shades and vibrant dark colours. The other chart has a smaller selection of colours which are available in silk and polyester.

Delivery & Returns

Each Jane Woolrich garment is individually made to your requirements and usually takes about 28 days but can take longer at really busy times. One seamstress will work on your order from first cut to final pressing, although Jane herself will be involved in colour matching of fabrics and any special requirements.

Once the completed garment arrives with us we pack and post it out to you using the fastest Royal Mail service available to us.

Jane Woolrich designs are all made to order and are bespoke so are not eligible for returns. For this reason we ask you to be very careful when ordering to supply us with the correct size and measurement information. 

Essili & Jane Woolrich

We have been selling the beautiful Jane Woolrich designs for several years and are proud to offer the widest online choice backed up with a quality of service that this luxury design requires.