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Jane Woolrich Design - Luxury Silk and Satin Designer Nightwear and Lingerie

Jane Woolrich is a leading UK designer of luxury nightwear and lingerie for women. We are proud to offer Jane's designs which are the very essence of romance or seduction. All the beautiful garments offered here are made specially for you and for many styles you can choose the fabric (silk or polyester satin), the colour and also the lace colour, so you create a Jane Woolrich nightdress or silk lingerie set that is yours alone. Our bespoke service helps you through selection and order process.

Christmas Orders

25th November last day to order for Christmas delivery - if you have missed the deadline by a few days contact us and we will see what we can do.

Buying Jane Woolrich Design Garments

It can be daunting when you are confronted with a lot of beautiful garments and you are not entirely sure which style would suit you or which might match another. That is why we are always happy to help with any questions you might have both before and during the order process. Just send us a contact message if you need help.

Understanding the Design Numbers

As you work your way through the wealth of beautiful Jane Woolrich designs you will notice that they all have a numerical code, for instance 8273. Making a note of the first two numbers is really helpful if you are planning on buying a matching set because those first two numbers relate to the lace type. So you see a nightdress beginning 82 then to find its matching negligee or robe you just enter 82 in the search bar and it will show other Jane Woolrich garments that use the same lace. Very often we will show you the recommended matching garment on the initial product page but you may prefer to browse for something else that will match.

Buying a Jane Woolrich Matching Set in Silk

Each batch of silk may take the dye slightly differently because silk is an organic fibre. For this reason we strongly recommend that you always buy matching silk garments in one order. This is not a problem with polyester satin where the colour is consistant fabric batch after fabric batch.

Silk or Satin Colour Options

We have two colour charts, below, showing the most popular colours in satin and silk. You can also see this information in the colours tabs on each product page. Please note that there are slight differences in shade between the silk and satin colours where an equivalent shade with the same name is offered.

We are also only able to offer colours in the drop down selection where there is a silk and a satin option. Some of the silk colours don't have a satin equivalent and so if you would like one of those silk colours then just let us know when you place your order.

Please also note that the colour guides are an approximate guide only. For many reasons both practical (silk dye variations described above) and technical - your browser or screen settings, even the make of your device can alter the colour you see, so it is not possible to guarantee the accuracy of the colours described in the guides. If you have precise colour requirements we strongly recommend you request a fabric sample.

Jane Woolrich Satin & Chiffon Colour Options

Jane Woolrich Colour option black
Black Mink Vanilla Apricot Blush Pink Lavender
Jane Woolrich Colour Option Lipstick Jane Woolrich Colour Option Flash Pink Jane Woolrich colour option white
Lipstick Flash Pink Skyline Blue Aqua Mint Ivory White

Jane Woolrich Silk & Chiffon Colour Options

Jane Woolrich Colour option black
Black Peach Bloom Beige Soliel Blush Candy Pink Amethyst
Jane Woolrich Colour Option Lipstick Jane Woolrich Colour Option Flash Pink Jane Woolrich colour option white
Lipstick Flash Pink Skyline Blue Aqua Mint Ivory White
Sun Flower Copper Bilberry Orchid Violet Shaded Green Teal

There are even more colours in silk that you may like to consider. They are not all suitable for garments where there is a combinatiion of chiffon and silk because they do not colour match well. So if you see a colour in the extended silk list that you like please contact us with the colour name, number and garment number so we can check suitability. Click here for the extended silk colour list.

During the check out process we will ask you for some measurements. This is because each Jane Woolrich garment is not only made to order, it is also made to measure using the data you provide when you place your order. The form requests bra size, that is cup and band, eg 34D, waist and hip measurement plus height. Ideally height should be from nape of neck to floor but if that is impossible for you to obtain then top of head to floor can also be provided.

We know that many times the Jane Woolrich nightdress or lingerie is being bought as a gift and in such circumstances it can be difficult to get all the measurements. It can be especially hard if the purchase is for a surprise gift. So if you really can't provide the full measurement set then we can default to the minimum requirement which is height and bra size. Whether you provide a full measurement set or the reduced option, please remember that these garments are not covered by the returns policy so it is very important that the measurements provided are accurate.

Product Types

Jane Woolrich is probably most famous for her fabulously romantic long nightdresses but her collection has many other styles to offer including short silk slips and chemises, camisoles sets and silk bras and panties, even luxury corsets are available to order. Lingerie Shop Logo
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