Jane Woolrich Design Colours

We are very happy to be able to offer both polyester satin and real silk versions of the beautiful designs from Jane Woolrich. In fact currently we are the only authorised online Jane Woolrich retailer that offers both satin and real silk options.

There are two problems with trying to show garment colours online. The first is that not all browsers and devices are the same and colours will differ between them. The second is that with silk the colour can vary from dye batch to dye batch. This is because it is an organic material and will react differently with the dye. So if you are seriously concerned to know the exact colour of your chosen garment please ask for a fabric sample when you place your order. There will be no extra charge for this service but we will hold your order in pending until you confirm that the colour is ok for the garment to be made.

On each product page you will now find a link to a colour chart for the colours that are available. One chart is for garments that are only currently available in real silk and is an extensive list of 24 options. The colour options include classics like ivory and blush pink plus vibrant and dazzling colours like canary yellow and bottle green. Click the following link to check the real silk colour chart or navigate to the Jane Woolrich collection and click the colour chart link in the description of the product of your choice.

If real silk is beyond your budget then high quality polyester satin is a solution. Many of the styles in our Jane Woolrich collection are offered in lower cost satin but with the option to upgrade to real silk. The choice of colours in not so big but still contains classics like ivory or blush pink plus pretty pastel shades like mint and apricot. Click the following link to see the polyester satin colour chart

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