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Shop for your favourite knickers or panties here either to match a bra or as a separate item. Brands include, Gorteks, VIPA and Roza Lingerie plus some real silk and lace treats from our designers, Jane Woolrich, Diki and Sonata Lingerie.

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Yvette Black Panty

£9.99   £7.99Yvette Black Panty

Yvette Graphite Panty

£9.99   £7.99Yvette Graphite Panty

Caprice Marietta Panty

£11.50   £9.99Caprice Marietta Panty

Nicol White and Black Panty

£12.00   £9.99Nicol White and Black Panty

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Shimmery White Panties

£12.99   £9.99Shimmery White Panties

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White Panties - Alex by Gorteks

£13.99   £9.99White Panties - Alex by Gorteks

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Page 1 of 8:    89 Items

If you are wondering what the difference is between knickers and panties we can explain. There really is no difference - it is just a regional thing. In the UK, Ireland, India, South Africa and Australia the term knickers or knicker is more often used to refer to ladies panties. Not pants - pants are what men wear. In the USA and Canada the preferred name for this underwear is panties which refers exclusively to female underwear.

As a UK online retailer shipping world wide we decided this category should have a title that made sense to our home market and to our overseas customers. Which is why we opted for Knickers & Panties. Lingerie Shop Logo
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