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Lace Bodysuits - Sensuously Delicate Fine Lace with Silk Detailing

Delicate lace bodysuits from designer, Sonata Rapalyte. Each of the bodysuits shown here is hand made using soft lace (non stretch) and trimmed with real silk satin. These fine garments can be worn as evening wear with a suitable bra or as a seductive undergarment.

Luxury lace bodysuits, bodies and playsuits from top designers and brands. Sonata Lingerie bodysuits are a delightful combinations of lace and silk that are both glamorous and sexy. Their original signature garment made from grey Solstis lace and gold thread trimmed with gold silk satin is still available under collection name Allegra and there is another high end garment in black Solstiss lace, again threaded with gold. Other colour options are available including ivory, pink and dark blue plus the new season designs for 2012 include a sumptuous wine red as well as pale blue and mauve. Also from Sonata Lingerie there is a gorgeous silk chiffon playsuit made with black silk chiffon and silk satin and decorated with sparkling red Swarovski crystals. From Bracli, the original pearl thong company, we have bodies that are made from fine French lace and use genuine Mancor pearl thongs to add sensuality to glamour.