Silk Lingerie from Leading UK and European Designers

Silk lingerie is the ultimate luxury gift. Ideal for so many occasions, bridal, birthday or anniversary. In our collection you will find a variety of styles from bra sets and basques to camisole tops. Enjoy the vibrant colours of a Diane Rubach design. Or experience the cool sophistication of Jane Woolrich designs. If seduction is on your mind then look at the silk trimmed lace lingerie by Sonata Rapalyte. The Parisian glamour of Liliana Casanova completes our collection of luxury designers.


Our Designers

Essili offers a fine selection of designer lingerie. We have established this collection over the ten year we have been online. First as and since 2015 as Essili.

Diki by Diane Rubach

Diane Rubach is a UK based designer and works under the designer label Diki Lingerie. Diane established the business over 30 years ago as a partnership with her husband Keith. The Diki designs are distinct. Diane's designs use vibrant colours and embroidered tulle or lace.

Sonata Lingerie

The second designer to join us was Sonata Lingerie. Now rebranded under the designer's name Sonata Rapalyte. Very different in style to Diki, the Sonata line up is almost all lace but uses real silk in the trim. The signature garment for Sonata Lingerie is the lace bodysuit.

Liliana Casanova

Liliana Casanova was the third designer to join us. The garments are designed and made in France. Delicate and romantic, these styles add French glamour to bedtime.

Jane Woolrich Design

Jane is a long established and respected UK designer. We loved her designs from the moment we first saw them. At first Jane said no to us. She thought she was already well represented online. So it was a real vote of confidence when Jane decided to add us to her retailers.

We have repaid that vote of confidence by making sure our site is the best place to buy Jane Woolrich online. We offer silk as well as satin options. We offer a fabric sample service for anyone who is unsure about colour. A choice of silk and lace colour. Plus an option to have lace dyed to match is available on some styles. So when you buy a Jane Woolrich design from Essili it truly is bespoke.

Please note, when ordering any of the designer garments you should allow time for them to be cut and sewn for you. They are not "off the shelf" items. Each garment is made to order.