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Silk Lingerie Made Specially For You

Silk lingerie is for times when only the best will do and here at Essili you have the choice of some of the finest garments available on the web. Look at the lush jewel colours of the Diane Rubach designs of Diki Lingerie and compare with the cool sophistication of Jane Woolrich. Or if lace trimmed with silk and a hint of gentle seduction is more to your taste in lingerie, then check out the Sonata Rapalyte styles, but if you want Parisian glamour choose the ultimate romance of the French designer Liliana Casanova. Real silk is a fine organic fabric which is gentle on your skin, comfortable to wear and looks great too. 

Silk Lingerie Designers at Essili

Essili offers a fine selection of silk designer lingerie. These design labels have been added over the  ten years we have been trading on line, first as and since 2015 as Essili.

Diki by Diane Rubach

The first designer to join our line up was Diane Rubach. She is a UK based designer and works under the designer label Diki Lingerie. Diane established the business over 30 years ago as a partnership with her husband Keith. The Diki range is mostly made with silk, although there are one or two all lace garments and some polyester chiffon options.  We have excluded the non silk options from this section to avoid confusion but they can still be found in the Diki Lingerie category. Diane's designs use vibrant colours and embroidered tulle. Very often the tulle insets are placed in a way that adds a hint of classy seductiveness to the lingerie.

Sonata Lingerie

The second designer to join us was Sonata Lingerie. Very different in style to Diki, the Sonata line up is mostly lace but uses real silk in the trim. The signature garment for Sonata Lingerie is the lace bodysuit. Originally their lace bodysuits were only available in exclusive Solstiss lace, but in more recent years Sonata has created a slightly less costly French lace version in colours ranging from pastel peach pink to black. The creative talent behind this design label is Sonata Rapalyte, who worked for a number of well known high end lingerie names, including Damaris before she fulfilled her life's ambition to create her own design collection.

Liliana Casanova

Just over a year later we were delighted to add a French designer to our site when we became retailers for the luxury designer brand, Liliana Casanova. Designed and manufactured in France all of the Liliana Casanova creations are made with silk and French lace. Delicate and romantic with dreamy styles that add glamour to bedtime these designs are created for the most special occasions.

Jane Woolrich Design

The next designer to be added to our group was Jane Woolrich. Another long established and highly respected UK designer, initially Jane thought that she was already well represented on line, so it was a real vote of confidence when Jane decided to add us to her retailers. We have tried to repay that confidence by ensuring that our site offers the most detailed information about the designs, the most options to customise these bespoke garments and the best range of colour options. The Jane Woolrich collection includes nightdresses, negligees, corsets and lingerie sets with the option to choose the colour of silk and the colour of lace you like best. We also offer some of the Jane Woolrich designs in high quality polyester satin for those shoppers who may be on a restricted budged and those options can be found here.

Please note that when ordering any of the designer garments you should allow time for them to be made. They are not "off the shelf" items. Each garment is specially made to order. Lingerie Shop Logo
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