Luxxa Lingerie, Exquisite French Style for You

Enjoy the Luxxa collections all in one place and choose your favourite. Luxxa is a top name brand in European Lingerie. Based in south west France they are famous for their beautiful designs which loosely fall into three categories: day lingerie, sexy lingerie and extremely daring erotic lingerie for the boudoir.

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Balance Body - Luxxa Full Cup Lingerie Body
£149.99   £49.99
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Balance Bra - Luxxa Full Cup Bra
£95.99   £23.99
Balance Bustier - Luxxa Elegant Black Lace Bustier
£119.99   £49.99
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Balance Deep Garter Belt by Luxxa
£99.99   £29.99
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Balance Lace Trimmed Tulle Mask by Luxxa
£21.37   £9.99
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Belier Sein Nu Bra Set Luxxa Cupless Bra & Naked String
£130.37   £125.00
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Cancer Full Cup Bra by Luxxa
£79.00   £12.99
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Cancer Luxury White Panty Created by Luxxa Lingerie
£46.00   £12.99
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Cannes Bustier by Luxxa Lingerie
£96.00   £39.99
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About the Luxxa Designs

Luxxa present their various designs in named collections. Above we have these designs listed by name so it is easy for you to identify them. Below we have listed the designs by name with a brief description


The Balance design is an all black style. It is part of the collection that Luxxa call 7ème ciel (7th Heaven). Within the collection there are different styles each named after a sign in the Zodiac. Balance features pom pom detailing and elaborate lace. There are three styles of bra, half cup, quarter cup and full cup and each is a halter style fastening. There are also accessories in this style to go with the basques and bras. The style is now moving into legacy status and the bustier is no longer available from Luxxa. Check our stock if that is what you are looking for.


This is a discontinued style with just a little stock remaining. It was part of the Provence collection and was by Luxxa standards a tiny set of just two types of soft triangle bra, body, chemise and one style of top. Each made in a luscious caramel colour with an original pattern at the bust very much in the style of a jigsaw puzzle.


This design is also part of the 7th Heaven collection and combines black with very pale shell pink. On some garments extra sparkle is added with tiny glittering crystals.

Bon Bon

A pretty pink and black design which is now nearly sold out.


A design that has just two harness style bodies, one with open gusset and the other closed. Originally available in white, black or beige each with a lace choker necklace linking to the harness of the body but now only available in white or black.


You may have recognized another sign of the Zodiac here? And you would be right to guess that Cancer is also part of the 7th Heaven collection. It is a pretty and sexy design which mixes the seductive and the demure almost in equal parts. All white with lavish embroidered white lace and salmon pink ribbon detailing that is completed with real Swarovski for luxurious glitter. Cancer is now discontinued and we have very limited stock.


A classically elegant black design. The lovely Cannes collection is now coming to an end but we do have some styles still available.


Part of the 7th Heaven collection, Capricorn is mostly black lace and tulle.


A cute and sexy style where Luxxa used black tulle with a white polka dot pattern. This very grown up cutie style is now nearly finished and we have a limited number of the frilly polka dot thong.


For the sophisticated and the daring, this style currently offers a stylish tulle bodysuit with lace soft cups or a similar style with open bust and crotch. Plus there is a Guimauve strappy naked bra set for the woman who wants to show off her beautiful body to the full.


A stunning white and blue style that includes a gorgeous cross ribbon micro string in white satin.


Pretty white lace design which is now discontinued. We do have a little stock of some of the designs.


A bright gold and black style with some intriguing use of adjustments that ensure a good fit.

Love Creme

Feminine and sensuous use of cream coloured tulle and lace.

Love Noir

Black lace and tulle comined in lingerie bodies, an open bra set and accessories.

Love Rouge

Flame red tulle trimmed with lace is used for this collection.


This is a collection of open and closed strings. Most designs have both options. Originally, the Ose collection was a "one size" style which was fully adjustable but Luxxa have started creating the design in size options, small, medium, large and Xlarge. We still have one size stock but are gradually switching over to the individual sizing.


Gorgeous black lingerie collection.

Piment Vert

An unusual and very sexy collection that uses ivory tulle with a green pepper print patter, lovely white lace and sage green satin ribbon.


Flame red collection. Ignite passions with this really glamorous all red design which is the Pisces sign from the collection based on the signs of the zodiac.

Purple Style

An all lace style in a bright pale lavender with contrasting darker purple and lavender detailing. The collection includes both open and closed thongs and panties but stock is low now and the design is discontinued.


Part of the Sweets and Fancies collection, reglisse means liquorice . So as you would expect this collection is all black.


No need to say that this is another sign of the Zodiac design. Sagittaire is all black and is many ways very similar to the all white St Tropez. It uses tulle frills on the bra shoulder staps and glitzy crystals that add sparkle. The stand out sexy set from this collection is the naked bra set with feminine voile drapes. Sadly this design is now ended and we have only a few items left.

St Tropez

White lace, white tulle frills and crystals combine to make this a very special and sexy design. Now discontinued we have just a few items left in stock. Some are reduced to clear.


Dramatically glamorous black lace design.


One time best seller, the Venise collection was created from black lace and tulle plus delicately pretty pale pink Calais lace. This style is no longer available but we do have one thong available.


Glamorous black lingerie collection with unusual floral motif of bright red poppies that have a lady bird (lucky insect) in the centre of each flower. This style is now coming to an end (Summer 2017) so hurry to buy if you like it.