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An important message to all customers past, present and (hopefully) future.

The spread of this virus is still on its upward curve in the UK. We have therefore decided to stop accepting orders for the moment. This is because lovely though our products are they are non-essential and by stopping shipment hopefully for only a short period, we will be releasing resources in the distribution network for more vital products. Keep well, everyone. As soon as we can ship again, we'll let you know.

Update 03/04/2020

We are sorry we are still shut to orders. We are watching the situation carefully, and as soon as it is safe to do so for our staff etc., we will reopen orders. In the meantime, keep an eye on the site next week when we will be adding some lovely new product which will be available to order once the COVID crisis starts to decrease.

Open Sexy Bras & Quarter Cup Bras

Shopping for an open cup bra has never been easier than it is here. We have all varieties of sexy bra from quarter cup bra and draped demi cup to bold and completely open cupless bras to cute peek-a-boo and peep hole styles. Some are offered as part of a sexy lingerie set, while others can be bought as a separate leaving you free to choose any accessory or none that you may fancy. There is a great range of colours including the ever popular black, passion igniting red and bridal white. Brands include, Luxxa, Axami and Lola Luna. All are quality lingerie brands with some very seductive styles for you to enjoy.

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Buyers tips:

It can be thrilling buying sexy lingerie. The anticipation of wearing it or of seeing it worn if it is a gift can sometimes override common sense and the wrong style gets ordered leading to disappointment all round. So here is some information to help ensure that the bra you buy, whatever its style, is enjoyed.

Everyone is slightly different and what looks fabulous on one person can look dismal on someone else. A sexy bra is meant to enhance a woman's body, make her feel glamorously seductive and excite her lover but if she is not 100% happy with the look she will feel far from sexy. So if you are buying a gift, make sure it is the style she will like and feel confident wearing. Below we have a quick summary of which sexy bra styles best suit different body types.

Cupless Bra

Quite obviously a cupless bra provides no support for the bust. So this style of bra really looks best on someone with firm well rounded breasts that require little support and defy gravity without any assistance. The word implants comes to mind and it is true that a woman with implants is likely to carry off a cupless bra really well.

Quarter Cup, Demi or Half Cup Bras

These bra styles give you the best of both world. They provide some support (the smaller the cup the less support it provides) while exposing the breast and nipples. These bras have under wired cups and adjustable straps so they can be adjusted to fit and make the most of your body shape. Nipple covers or nippies can be bought to decorate the nipples if completely bare is not the lady's style. 

Peek a Boo or Peephole Bras

Usually this style of bra has a soft cup. A peek a boo bra may also be completely soft with no wires. The support is limited, though greatest in the under wire versions. When choosing a peek a boo bra select an under wired option if you have a large bust. Medium to small busts will look good in either a sexy bralette style or an under wired soft cup style. Depending on the breast shape a completely soft bra can look less attractive on very small breasts.