Silk Bras, Silk Knickers and Suspender Belts

Bras or bra sets in silk. A true luxury. Explore our beautiful collection of luxury silk lingerie. Choose your favouirte for a special person or occasion.

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Black Silk Bra - Anima by Sonata Lingerie
£119.00   £35.00
  Last few.
Jane Woolrich Bra & Panties 0631-0611
£219.00   £49.99
  Last few.
Silk Bra & Suspender Set - Jane Woolrich Design 7936 7951 7944
  Made to order.
Silk Suspender Belt - Jane Woolrich 7951
  Made to order.

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More Silk Bra and Bra Set Information

Things you should know when considering buying a silk bra set or any silk lingerie.

  1. There is no stretch in silk. Unlike man made fabrics pure silk does not stretch. Elastic binding and straps give most of the support in a silk bra.
  2. Always hand wash silk. You will ruin your silk lingerie if you machine wash it.
  3. Silk is an organic fabric and has hypoallergenic properties. This means it will be kind to your skin. Silk is also smooth, soft and comfortable against skin.
  4. If you are buying a set - buy all the elements at one go. Silk fabric will react in different ways with colour dyes. So each fabric batch shade may be a little different. If you want to buy a bra set in silk buy all the garments at one time. Otherwise the fabric could come from different dye batches.