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Luxury Silk Knickers, Silk Trimmed Lace Panties, Thongs and G Strings

Silk Knickers or silk trimmed lace panties make a perfect luxury gift or treat This selection is from top UK designers and each tiny garment is specially made to order. Choose your favourite and order in good time if it needed for a specific date.

Sometimes it is the little things that mean the most. A full set of designer lingerie might be beyond reach at the moment but a luxury gift of pure silk panties will still be a fabulous gift for someone special.  With everything from itsy bitsy silk g strings to delicate and femine lace French knickers there is sure to be something to delight in this collection.  Each garment is made to order and the Diki and Jane Woolrich designs are actually made to measure so please allow enough time for your panties to be sewn when you place your order.