Swimwear for Women - Beautiful Bikinis and One Piece Swimsuits

Shop here for exclusive swimwear for your holiday. From low cost colourful bikinis to exclusive European made designer one piece swimsuits, there is something to suit everyone in our swimwear section. All garments are on same day despatch so no need to panic if you have left shopping for your holiday until the last moment.  SALE! Look out for the big reductions available now on some designs.

Top Tips for Buying Swimwear

Quite frequently you can be in a hurry when you buy a swimsuit. The holiday is just days away and you just want to find a new bikini or one piece in time for the departure day. In such circumstances it is all too easy to overlook some critical factors. So here they are:

1. Your Style

If you are buying in a hurry and have no time to try on and return for an alternative then it is best to stick to tried and tested styles. Choose colours and patterns that you know work for you in your clothing. If you look best in plain fabric then don't go for a wild pattern and vice versa. It is really time to stay with what you know suits you best.

2. Your Body Shape

It's time to be honest with yourself if you don't want to spend your pool or beach time wrapped up in an attempt to hide the bits of your body you are not happy with, then you need to face up to the reality of your body shape now before you buy your new swimwear and buy beachwear that flatters your shape or helps conceal the bits you don't like. If you need support at the bust, buy a swimsuit with structure and under wires. If your body padding is a little generous around the middle, a one piece swimming costume can work wonders in holding that extra flesh nicely in place. Or if you don't want to constrain those extra inches in Lycra then try a long line tankini, loosely covering up those fatty bits and leaving you comfortable all day long.

3. Comfort

We touched on this in the last tip and it is true that a tankini can be a really comfortable outfit for the beach or the pool because it is usually loose fitting. But for other styles of swimwear, comfort lies in the structure of the garment and the type of fabric used. Under wired bust sections are great for giving you uplift but not so great for comfort. So you need to decide before you buy which is most important for you on your holiday, looking great or feeling comfortable. Of course there is no reason why these two requirements need be in total conflict and a happy balance between how you look and feel can be achieved if you plan well ahead with your purchase.