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During summer 2019 we will be making a number of changes which means some products will be temporarily unavailable. We will also not be able to gift wrap during August and September. We apologise if this is inconvenient.


V.I.P.A Lingerie luxury lace undies. It is a fact, men think lace lingerie is sexy. And here we have a brand that makes the very best use of lace - VIPA. A glamorous, individual luxury lingerie brand with unique styles that are undeniably flattering to the female shape. Collections are created to make women not only look special but feel special. VIPA stress each woman's individuality, recognising that the sexy, so glamorous, woman within. Wearing these beautiful undies, made from lovely lace is sure to make any woman feel like a queen. Lace undies that are ideal to tempt! Lace undies from V.I.P.A made in Europe using the best fabrics.